DKJ specializes in services for dairy, food processing, waste and water treatment industries.

Our fully equipped workshop can provide fabrication of specialized process plant and equipment, fully supported by our team of highly experienced Mechanical Fitters that can provide on site installation support .

Key services

Process Pipework

Precision fabrication and installation of process pipework.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Specialised in the fabrication and installation of stainless steel pipework and associated process equipment. 

Project Management

Adhere to quality systems and safe work practices to ensure quality standards and operational requirements are achieved.

Certified Welding

ASME | AS/NZS | Process Dairy Tube | Structural Steel | Carbon Procedures | Stainless Steel Procedures

Onsite Maintenance

Providing maintenance requirements and support to large (and small) New Zealand companies.

Plant Installation & Mechanical Fitting

Experts in new installation of plant and equipment to a set of precise specifications, including upgrades and modifications.

Full capacity and services

- Europress capability
- Forklift operators
- Concrete cutting & drilling
- Alignment and measuring equipment
- Working at heights personnel 
- Confined space capability
- Boiler pipe welding, threading and fixing
- Certified lifting equipment
- Electrical generators 
- JSA permit issuers 
- Stainless steel fabrication
- Rigging
- Craneage 
- Hydraulics
- Pneumatics
- Profiling
- Instrumentation
- Electrical
- Turbine overhaul
- Turbine installation
- Power Station maintenance
- Certified piping
- Mechanical fitting
- Machining
- Laser cutting and CNC bending
- Drafting services
- Alloy welding

What our clients say

TECHO has a developed a strong relationship with DKJ over the years. We appreciate their ability to ramp up, or down the number of contractors on site to meet our requirements. The team never fails to deliver a reliable service in small time frames, without compromising on the quality and integrity of their work. We look forward to working with DKJ in the foreseeable future

David Lacey - Techo