Our Standards

Health and Safety

Health and safety is critical to the ongoing success of our entity. We aim to be comprehensive and industry-leading in all areas.

We are committed to providing a safe work environment for everyone as we continually work towards our goal of Zero Harm. 

We achieve this by:

  • Reporting and investigating all workplace incidents and near misses accurately.

  • Ensuring health and safety takes priority over business activities.

  • Reviewing, revising, and evaluating our health and safety management systems and procedures at regular intervals to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Setting and maintaining very high standards of housekeeping.

  • Utilising a cloud-based health and safety system, enabling workplace personnel easy and remote access to Health and Safety processes and procedure.


Weld Qualifications

  • ASME IX 6G Pipe
  • ASME IX 4G Plate – Dual Weld


  • AS/NZS ISO 9606
  •  AS/NZS 2980

Quality Assurance

  • HERA weld supervisor trained
  • Workshop Drawings
  • Inspection Test plan (ITP)
  • Material Receipts
  • Material Test Certificates
  • Independent NDT Reports
  • Welder Qualifications
  • Welder Procedures
  • Weld Log’s - Map

Site Safety Qualifications

  • Permit Issuer

  • Permit Receiver

  • Hazard Identification 

  • Workplace First Aid 

  • Fire Extinguisher 

  • Confined Space & Gas Detection 

  • Work at Heights 

  • Height Safety

  • Elevated Work Platforms

  • Wheels, Tracks and Rollers

  • Forklift